Relocating to Henderson Nevada? We are Pet Friendly

5 Tips to Less Stress When You Move With Your Pet

Relocating to Henderson Nevada?  We are Pet Friendly

Relocating to henderson Moving can be a major and stressful event.   Now, you know how stressed you are.  Imagine how your pets must feel. They can sense something is happening and are not quite sure what it is.  Here are the top 5 tips to making moving with your pets as easy as possible!

  • Pre-planning: Talk to your vet to ensure all shots are up to date and find out if there are any health documents necessary for entry (international travel).  Then look on the internet to find out if there are any state and local regulations you must fulfill.  For example, some states have inspections for all animals.  Local regulations include rabies shots and leash issues. Make sure your pet has identification tags with up to date information (phone #) or that they are chipped.
  • Transport your pets. Some airlines allow small dogs to travel with you in the cabin while most airlines want you to consider your pet as cargo and ship them.  Please follow all instructions for packing your pet carefully.  If you are transporting your pet in the car, put them in a carrier for safety, or buy a harness so that they can be buckled into a seat like a seat belt.  Again, ensure identification tags have a current phone number on them.  Birds and small caged pets can travel in cages they use as home. Fish are susceptible to change in water temperature and their glass bowls can break.  Horses and ponies can be transported by trailer, either by yourself or through commercial air freight or animal transporting companies.
  • Choose a new neighborhood, house or apartment that will appeal to your pets too. Of course, you cannot base your whole decision on proximity to a park but walk around the neighborhood. Do you see parks, green spaces, trails or other animals? Do you see (or hear) any dogs that seem left unattended in their yards or are aggressive walkers?  If you have cats, look for space for them that you can build vertically.  Puppies and dogs will need to go outside often so look for easy access to the outdoors, a yard or maybe minimal stairs.
  • Pack up your home – most animals aren’t fans of change. You can decrease your animal’s anxiety by keeping your pets in a room you plan to pack last.  On moving day, keep your pets in Relocating to henderson a quiet room with the doors shut or if you have a friend or neighbor who can watch them, even better!   I had a Jack Russell Terrier who hated change.  When I moved, my husband would have to take him for a long nightly stroll or morning walk and I would feverishly pack boxes.  I would then keep all the packed boxes in a room he did not have access to.
  • At your new home, let your pet become accustomed to their new area, unfamiliar sights and sounds and possibly changes in climate. It is advisable to keep the pet confined until they can get used to their new area.  This also allows the pet the sense that the family is staying in this new place and if the pet escapes, he/she will not try to return to the old home.  To speed up their accustom time; keep handy their bowls for water and food, pets toys, blankets, beds etc.  Some pets are easily overwhelmed and it may be necessary to get them accustomed to one room at a time. Once they are familiar with one room, they can be moved to another room.    Other things to consider once you move, you must locate a new vet and scope out any dog parks or places you can walk your dog.


If you follow these tips, you move will be less chaotic for you as well as your pet friend.


DOG PARKS located in 89044

Esselmont Park, 2725 Anthem Highlands Drive, Henderson, NV 89044

702-267-5720 – City of Henderson Parks and Rec. phone number

This is a fenced in dog park which includes a separate area for small and large dogs, benches and drinking water.


DOG PARKS located in or near 89052

Cactus Wren Dog Park

2900 Ivanpah Drive, Henderson, NV 89074


Fenced in dog park which includes a separate area for small and large dogs, benches and drinking water.


Reunion Trails Park, 44 Chapata Drive, Henderson, NV 89012

Near the intersection of Chapata Dr and Casady Hollow Ave/Moonlight Rose Ln

(702) 267-5840 – City of Henderson Parks and Rec. phone number

There is a huge dog park with lots of green grass surrounded by a dog run, as well as a shaded bench and a picnic table to sit at.


Sonata Park, 1550 Seven Hills Dr, Henderson, NV 89052

Near the intersection of Seven Hills Dr and Dancing Eagle Way

Fenced in dog park.


If you have any questions about moving your pet or moving at all, contact Lynn!





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