9 Tips To Help Sell Your Henderson Home

Tips to Sell Your Henderson Home Quickly

Sell Your Henderson HomeSelling a house can be an enormous and necessary process that can stress owners and buyers!  In most cases, people want to sell their homes as quickly as possible.  Following these tips will help you to minimize chaos, stress and get the property SOLD!

  1. Find a good real estate agent. I know it may be tempting to let your aunt’s cousin’s best friend from Kindergarten sell your house. But choosing the right agent (or deciding to sell the house yourself) can be one of the most important factors in determining how quickly the property sells.  You need someone who is experienced in your area and someone who knows how to, and has the ability, to market your property.
  2. Price your home right. Despite what you think your property is worth, if you are looking to sell your property quickly, you will need to price it fairly and competitively.  This is by far the most important factor in determining how quickly your property will sell. A trained agent can give you the best comparative market analysis.  In addition, your property’s specific features can also help to determine the best price.  If you price too low, buyers may wonder why it’s so cheap and assume something is wrong with it.  If you price too high, you will never even attract buyers to the property.
  3. Improve curb appeal. This is the first impression of your property.  If you have overgrown plants and untended flowers or shrubs, you are facing an uphill battle.   As a matter of fact, some people may never stop the car to even get out and come into the home if the curb appeal is poor.  Here in Las Vegas, make sure your shrubs and plants are healthy and nicely trimmed.  Do not neglect your rock. As most front yards in Las Vegas are rocked, make sure you don’t have any bare spots.  If so, get rock from other parts of your yard or order a small amount.  Power wash or wash sidewalks and stucco or awnings. Sweep up leaves that have gathered in the nooks and crannies of your porch.  Make sure your front door area is clean and there is no clutter.  If you have the space, put a table/chairs or bench and some flowers.  This can really create a nice first impression.   It is also a good idea to have easily recognizable house numbers and make sure you clean up any broken railings or fences.  Paint the gate if it has become sun beaten.  Keep your porch and front lights on just in case potential buyers drive by at night.
  4. Stage your house. Staging simply means that you set your house up to define spaces, de-clutter and essentially place furniture so it makes the most sense.  Your taste is great; however, 9 Tips To Help Sell Your Henderson Homeyou must appeal to the masses’ tastes.  So you want to have neutral colors on your walls and if possible with your furniture.  You want to remove most of your kid’s toys and de-clutter closets and other rooms.  Make sure that extra room you used as your junk storage area becomes defined as an office or bedroom or work out room or reading room.  You may need to box things up and store in your garage (if this can be done neatly) or rent a storage unit short-term.  You also want to de-personalize your house.  Please remove all pictures and knick knacks that are personal.  You want the buyer to walk in and picture THEIR stuff in your house. This is hard to do with all your family photos staring back at them! One should examine the floors.  You may need to clean grout or have wood repaired.  If you cannot do this, you may want to consider area rugs!  Make sure your rooms are symmetrical. This is a psychological trick to please the eye.  If you have a dining room, please style the dining room with plates, glasses and napkins. This room is usually ignored and for most people, meals are important.  You want to create the picture of psychological bliss for meals.  De-clutter your kitchen.  Take as much off the counters as possible.  Open your closet doors for showings and take out at least half of your closet.  Make sure there is no clutter and clothes and shoes aren’t jammed in there.  And most importantly, make sure there are no odors when you first walk in the home.  If you have pets, it is highly recommended that you clean carpets.  Get a cheap wax melter and melt scented wax to provide a neutral easy fragrance.  Or bake some cookies so the smell wafts throughout the property.  Clean the whole property from top to bottom including all ovens, fridges and laundry rooms.   It may be worth it to hire a maid to do a one-time deep cleaning.  Again, spending a little bit of money may result in you making thousands at closing.    A house that has furniture in it will almost always sell for more.  You may have to go to a furniture rental place and rent some furniture to maximize space and make the place look it best!
  5. Have neutral paint colors on the walls and have neutral furniture. Just remember your tastes are not everyone else’s tastes and to appeal to the most people, keep everything neutral.
  6. Differentiate from your neighbors. If all the houses look alike on the outside and are similar on the inside, your home, if not priced well can get lost in a sea of homes in your area.  The differentiation does not have to be something grand and expensive.  But buyers should be able to note something interesting and different in your front yard so your property remains in their memory.
  7. Before your house is listed, please follow these tips. It is not the time to start fixing a broken gate when a potential buyer is pulling up.  These tips should be completed so that the best pictures of your home can be taken and used for marketing purposes.
  8. Once your house is listed, it needs to be kept immaculate. You never know when someone may be driving by or interested in a showing.  You must keep it clean and the cleaner and more flexible you are with your showing schedule, the quicker your property will sell.
  9. Lastly, you can sweeten the deal for any potential buyers. Perhaps offer all appliances or you pay some or all of their closing costs or you credit them back some money at closing.  Any little thing that you that the other house down the block is not doing, will help you to sell your property faster.

Consider all of these tips and try to follow through on all of them.  If you do, your house will fly off the market and you will be less stressed and happier!  You can also decrease your selling stress by calling a listing guru like me at 702-274-6006 to assist with all your selling needs!

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