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Picking The Right Henderson NeighborhoodChoosing where to live can be a very complex decision which should be based upon many factors and much careful consideration.  Yet so many times, we make hasty decisions based upon superficial things that in the long run, may make us unhappy with our choice.  Ultimately, being happy in life involves a) work or career, b) mate and c) where you live.  Lots of times, we spend little time thinking about where we live.

Here are some things everyone should consider before committing to that all important home decision.  One should consider: cost of living and taxes, climate, environment for raising children and schools, proximity to friends and family and potential mates, professional opportunities, amenities and recreational opportunities, crime and safety and availability of transportation.

Do you want to live downtown or in suburbia?  Are you more interested in a major city or a small city? Once you decide where you want to live, try to find a place that provides that with a lower cost of living.  For example, some states do not have state income tax which can really boost your earning potential over the long run.  Some states have firmly established professions that highly contribute to the state’s budgets and thus have lower cost of living.

Climate is not something most people think about until they have experienced a different climate than they are used to.  How many people flock to the sun and sand and warmth of the south?  How many people enjoy winter and its grandness and do not want to give that up?

Even though you may not have children, living in an area with a great school district will not hurt you.  If you do have children, they will be well educated.  If not, people who have children wilHenderson Green Valley Ranchl be clamoring to get into a neighborhood with a good school district, which can affect your resale value.  Check local ratings of schools online or discuss with your real estate agent.  Additionally, neighborhoods with schools and families tend to have more parks and green space so that can also weigh in on the amenities and recreational opportunities.

You may want to stay close to your family or you may want to put some distance between them and you.  If any case, if you are attached to your family, you most likely will be homesick and unhappy away from them.  You may also want to consider potential mates.  If you are single and looking, different areas tend to produce an abundance of different types of mates, for example, someone who is educated, athletic or career focused.

Your choice of career will be a huge part of your decision on where to live.  Again, different areas are known for different things. Your choice of a job will have a huge impact on where you live.

To determine the safety and crime rate of where you may think you want to live, you can contact the local police.  Usually, they keep stats on crime and can break these stats down by area.  Also, drive around your prospective neighborhood in the early hours and at night.  Look around at the general upkeep of an area.  Is there a home owner’s association?

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Finally, access to transportation can be a very important factor in choosing where to live.  If you use public transportation, are you close to where you need be to catch your mode of transportation. Will you need a car?  Can you travel by taxi or subway or walk or bike?

Ultimately, making a wise choice about where to live starts with establishing your priorities and examining your values and needs surrounding the aforementioned areas.  Of course, nothing will be perfect so you may have to sacrifice one or two things for the best overall location.  But once you have chosen a place to live and it works for you, your life will be (hopefully – mostly) fantastic!

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