Buying a Home in Henderson Nevada

Buying a Home in Anthem in Henderson Nevada

New Construction versus Resale Homes Buying a Home in Henderson As you are off on your house buying journey, you have undoubtedly faced the question of buying new construction or buying a re-sale home.  What are the pros and cons for each type of purchase? New Home Construction Purchases If you purchase a new construction home, it is brand new and clean!  If the thought of someone taking a shower there before you grosses you out, you may want to stick with new home construction.  New homes have some built in flexibility to them.  Most builders will let you customize your plan and allow you choose your options and finishes.  This means you will have the most say in how your house will look right from the start.  New construction tends to have a more modern look and feel.  New construction tends to be more energy efficient as it has…

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8 Tips To Help Sell Your Henderson Home – Curb Appeal

Henderson Homes For sale

Use Curb Appeal to help Sell Your Henderson Home The old saying that you only get one chance to make a first impression applies to real estate too!  Prospective home buyers may drive by an available property just to check out its overall curb appeal.  Curb appeal is the relative attractiveness of a building, either commercial or residential, to someone driving or walking past.  Curb appeal includes such details as landscaping, lighting, architectural style and external paint scheme.  It applies not only to the front of the property but to the sides and back as well. The successful and quick sale of a property may depend on its curb appeal! There are a number of ways a homeowner can improve the property’s curb appeal. Landscape design is often one of the first things others notice about a home as they pull up.  In Henderson, for newer construction, the front yard…

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