Moving To Henderson or Las Vegas?

Moving to Henderson NV

The Pink Elephant You Cannot Avoid When Moving

Did you know that according to, 64% of respondents say quality of neighborhood is the most important factor in a move?  Yet, at the same time, this is one area that most people don’t even investigate or look into before making a purchase.   It is the buyer’s job to investigate the neighborhood.

One of the easiest things a potential buyer can do is to meet the neighbors.  If you are lucky to catch them outside while you are seeing the place, by all means talk to them!  Ask them how long they have lived in the neighborhood and what is the best/least liked part of living there.  Ask them if the street and neighborhood are quiet.  You can also explore the neighborhood by looking at the police’s crime rates and stats and looking at the state sex offender database.   You can even check  It is free but needs to be downloaded.

Visit the neighborhood at different times of the day and evening, on weekends and if a school is nearby, around school times.   Driving around the neighborhood at different times will give you a feel for the area.  For example, are there lots of kids/families living in the area, animals, or vehicles parked outside the home?  If you are in an area with a home owner’s association, you have a little more protection as the board will regulate many things.

Once you move in, get to know your neighbors as soon as possible.  Introduce yourself and be polite.  If you get along, you are both more willing to work through problems and not antagonize others.  A sense of humor and politeness can go a long way to discovering information about your potential new neighborhood before it is too late!

Happy home hunting and don’t forget to call me, Lynn Romano, for all your buying needs!

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