Henderson Neighborhoods Which One is Right For You

Henderson Green Valley Ranch

How to Choose the Right Henderson or Las Vegas Neighborhood       Choosing where to live can be a very complex decision which should be based upon many factors and much careful consideration.  Yet so many times, we make hasty decisions based upon superficial things that in the long run, may make us unhappy with our choice.  Ultimately, being happy in life involves a) work or career, b) mate and c) where you live.  Lots of times, we spend little time thinking about where we live. Here are some things everyone should consider before committing to that all important home decision.  One should consider: cost of living and taxes, climate, environment for raising children and schools, proximity to friends and family and potential mates, professional opportunities, amenities and recreational opportunities, crime and safety and availability of transportation. Do you want to live downtown or in suburbia?  Are you more…

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Moving to Your Anthem Home 9 Simple Packing Tips To Help

9  Simple Packing Tips For Moving to Your New Home   Ugh.  Moving.  Usually one just has to think of the word and the stress builds!  Of course, there are so many costs involved in moving, so whether you do it yourself or hire someone, you can minimize the cost and stress with these tips. Start in advance. Don’t start packing on Friday for a move on Saturday.  You will not make it and you will be so stressed.  Do a little every day and start early.  I had a Jack Russell Terrier once who hated change.  Every night, my husband would walk him and I would do half an hour of packing and leave the boxes in the spare bedroom. Determine what you will move first. Go through all of your belongings and essentially decide if you will donate things, sell them or throw out stuff.  Anything that is in…

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Moving To Henderson or Las Vegas?

The Pink Elephant You Cannot Avoid When Moving Did you know that according to Zillow.com, 64% of respondents say quality of neighborhood is the most important factor in a move?  Yet, at the same time, this is one area that most people don’t even investigate or look into before making a purchase.   It is the buyer’s job to investigate the neighborhood. One of the easiest things a potential buyer can do is to meet the neighbors.  If you are lucky to catch them outside while you are seeing the place, by all means talk to them!  Ask them how long they have lived in the neighborhood and what is the best/least liked part of living there.  Ask them if the street and neighborhood are quiet.  You can also explore the neighborhood by looking at the police’s crime rates and stats and looking at the state sex offender database.   You can…

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