Moving to Your Anthem Home 9 Simple Packing Tips To Help

9  Simple Packing Tips For Moving to Your New Home


Lynn RomanoUgh.  Moving.  Usually one just has to think of the word and the stress builds!  Of course, there are so many costs involved in moving, so whether you do it yourself or hire someone, you can minimize the cost and stress with these tips.

  1. Start in advance. Don’t start packing on Friday for a move on Saturday.  You will not make it and you will be so stressed.  Do a little every day and start early.  I had a Jack Russell Terrier once who hated change.  Every night, my husband would walk him and I would do half an hour of packing and leave the boxes in the spare bedroom.
  2. Determine what you will move first. Go through all of your belongings and essentially decide if you will donate things, sell them or throw out stuff.  Anything that is in good repair and can be used by someone else can be donated.  Or, one can have a garage sale or sell the items through Craigslist or other sites.  And of course, there is the garbage pile.  Shred old documents that are not needed.  Throw away that can of beans that expired 3 years ago.
  3. Start by packing things you won’t be using or needed as soon as your move. For example, seasonal clothing or holiday decorations can be packed up and either stored in a spare room or put in the garage.
  4. Don’t cheap out on materials. It is a good idea to go to a storage place and get moving boxes and moving packaging.  This is especially important for dishes, glasses and breakables.  Lots of times, if you have access to Next Door or other social media sites, you can find neighbors who have moved that are willing to give away their moving boxes as long as you pick them up.  It is also helpful to use the proper boxes for plates, glasses etc. This will definitely cut down on breakages and costs in the long run!
  5. Color code your boxes and do so per room. Get colored highlighters or sharpies or colored tape that will allow you to categorize boxes as you pack them.  Then when you get to your new place, put up a note with correct colors for each room so your movers or friends or spouse and kids will know where the boxes go.  For this to work, you will have to move each room together.  So don’t pack half of your laundry supplies in your office box.  If you are really organized, write on box a sample of contents so it easily identifiable or number to know which boxes are most important to unpack and when.
  6. Safeguard valuables. Try to move your electronics and expensive items yourself and separately.  So, you may be driving over to the new place and take your TV, computer and printer.  Maybe next trip; take your next set of valuables.
  7. Keep important papers together and easily accessible. Kid’s records, immunizations, medical files and important papers should be transport separately as #6 above.  Once you get to the new place, immediately put these papers where they won’t get lost and can easily be found.
  8. Pack your “new place” box. These are things that you know you will need immediately when you move into your new place. These may be cleaning items, tools, towels, snacks, can openers, bottled waters, drinks, toiletries and first aid kit.
  9. Have each member in your family pack a suitcase of must have things. Whether these are clothes, blankets, toys or books, it is nice to have your stuff with you, easily found and easily accessible.

Moving can be stressful and overwhelming. Follow these tips to minimize chaos and make packing as stress free as possible.

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