Henderson Neighborhoods Which One is Right For You

Henderson Green Valley Ranch

How to Choose the Right Henderson or Las Vegas Neighborhood       Choosing where to live can be a very complex decision which should be based upon many factors and much careful consideration.  Yet so many times, we make hasty decisions based upon superficial things that in the long run, may make us unhappy with our choice.  Ultimately, being happy in life involves a) work or career, b) mate and c) where you live.  Lots of times, we spend little time thinking about where we live. Here are some things everyone should consider before committing to that all important home decision.  One should consider: cost of living and taxes, climate, environment for raising children and schools, proximity to friends and family and potential mates, professional opportunities, amenities and recreational opportunities, crime and safety and availability of transportation. Do you want to live downtown or in suburbia?  Are you more…

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Home Inspections What You Need To Know

What to Expect From a Home Inspection One of the steps to buying a home may involve getting a home inspection.  Now this step can be waived by the buyer, who usually pays for the inspection.  However, with such a large purchase and big investment at stake, why would one not opt for a home inspection? Home inspections will cover visible structure and foundation, walls, windows, ceilings, and the roof.  Gutters will be examined and the inspection will check for a slope away from the foundation. Inside the home, the inspectors will be looking for plumbing, electrical, heating or cooling problems.  He or she will test the water pressure and see if they are signs of mold and dampness.  All appliances that come with the sale are subject to inspection but inspectors will primarily focus on smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, if applicable.   Please note that they will tell…

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Condo or Single Family Home

Homes in Henderson

Condo or Single Family Home The Pros and Cons of Both If you are a first time buyer or moving to a new city, you’ll likely face a critical decision: Should your new home be a single-family house or a condo? There are pros and cons to each side so it depends upon your priorities, values and needs.  Ultimately, the buying process for condos and homes are about the same and with loan rates on mortgage loans trending near all-time lows, this is certainly the time to buy any property. There are many benefits to owning a condo, including convenience and it being a low maintenance option. Most condo associations take care of basic upkeep such as landscaping and common areas.  Condos can have as much space as a house but without the maintenance required of a single-family house. Additionally, some condos may have access to amenities such as pools and…

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For Sale By Owner Vs. Hiring a Realtor

For Sale By Owner Vs. Hiring a Realtor Watch this Video Before You Do Either   Here is a Transcript of the Video For Sale By Owner Vs. Hiring a Realtor in Henderson and Las Vegas Transcript Buying a home is a dream for most people. They yearn for ownership so that they can paint the walls sunshine yellow, malachite (vibrant green), razzamatazz (pink or , xanadu grey, turn up the stereo or attach any fixtures they want. And ownership is awesome! However, the day may come when one wants to sell their home because their job transferred them or they decided to move to another area or need to find a bigger or smaller place. When that time comes, the question may enter the minds of some – should I sell my house myself? Stats show that the biggest reason people try to sell their home themselves is to…

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